Rice, is a common staple in many families homes and at their dinner tables.  I know living in a Caribbean home rice was mad almost every night at by my grandmothers and aunts.  It was just what was made to accompany the different chicken and meat dishes that were served. Some of us wonder what other things you can do with rice.

Well I am here to give you guys a couple of ideas for your leftover rice.

If you have any please share below!

California Rolls: Did you know that you can make sushi rolls with leftover brown rice you have in your refrigerator.  All you need to do is wrap the rice with veggies and crab in sheets of seaweed, like Nori.

Rice Pudding:  Now this is  a delicious way to use leftover rice. If you have difficulty finding a recipe try this one, Arborio Rice Pudding, by Tyler Florence.

Soups and Stews: Adding rice not only will add flavor to your soup but will also add great texture.

Risotto: Although Risotto is one of my most favorite dishes especially when paired with fresh succulent shrimp and lobsters. Though this dish is found to be difficult to master in the kitchen it is quite versatile and easy to prepare.  Try Giada DeLaurentiis’ Brown Butter Risotto with Lobster.

Frittatas:  Add some leftover rice to your breakfast frittata, yummy!

Image: Rachel J/Flickr